Choosing Nuvo 8108GC / 8208GC / 10108GC / 10208GC

Physical Specs

Each system is designed for a maximum power and size envelope. The standard 8108GC is designed for a single GPU up to 300W, with a maximum size of 11” long, 6” tall, and 2.25 slots. The 8108GC series includes two alternative versions, the 8108GC-XL and the 8108-QD. The 8108GC-XL can fit GPUs up to 13” long and 6” tall and up to 3.25 slots, hence its “XL” moniker. Alternatively, the 8108GC-QD is designed specifically for the RTX (A)4/5000 GPU. This chassis has a tunnel and gasket designed to pull ambient air directly to the GPU’s fan.

Standard 8108GC 8108GC-XL 8108GC-QD

Standard 8108GC



Electrical Specs

To allow for the 8108’s large number of PCIe (PCI Express) sockets some electrical trickery is involved. Each CPU / chipset combo only has so many PCIe lanes that It can service. 9th generation intel CPUs can provide 16 lanes, while the chipset can provide 24. The 24 chipset lanes are broken out into mPCIe sockets, NVME M.2 and other PCIe form factors. When implementing more physical PCIe lanes than the CPU / chipset can provide then some sockets will have diminished throughput or even be turned off. In the case of the 8108 the PCIe x16 sockets are only 8 lanes of data. This allows for more sockets while maintaining the lanes to the NVME and other non-PCIe socket devices.

10(X)08GC Series

Based on intel’s 12th/13th generation architecture, the Nuvo-10(X)08GC series provides an increase in CPU compute power along with PCIe Gen 4 and an update to the number of lanes to the PCIe sockets. The new layout for the PCIe sockets is:

PCIe Express

1x PCIe x16 slot @Gen4, 16-lanes with 6.5 mm slot width. The standard GPU locking bracket is designed for NVIDIA RTX A4000, A5000, A6000 Ada, and selected RTX 40 Series GPU cards.

3x PCIe x8 slots @Gen3, 4-lanes

Additionally, the NVME socket has been upgraded to Gen4 x 4 allowing for much faster storage.

(X)108GC vs (X)208GC

When choosing between the (X)108GC and (X)208GC versions there is a tradeoff between footprint and extra expandability. The (X)208GC was designed to be run with 2 full size GPUs. The added GPU requires additional power and space within the case, along with a second retention mechanism. Alternatively, the extra interior space can house a larger than standard width GPU and additional add-in cards, in place of 2 GPUs.

Additional GPU Retention Bracket

8108GC Expansion

8208GC Expansion

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