Advantech Wireless IoT IP Node

Main Features:
  • Self-forming and self-healing mesh network
  • Interference robust by time synchronization and transmission frequency hopping design
  • Network-wide 99.999% network reliability
  • Compliant to 6LoWPAN and IEEE802.15.4e standard
  • Industry-leading low power radio technology with:
    • > 4.5mA to Receive a packet
    • > 5.4mA to Transmit at 0dBm
    • > 9.7mA to Transmit at 8dBm
  • Supports various power sources: USB DC power, battery power and solar power
PDF Document - WISE-1020-0C01E Datasheet
WISE-1020-0C01E Datasheet
(Size: 569.3 KB)
PDF Document - WISE-1020-0C01E User Manual
WISE-1020-0C01E User Manual
(Size: 991.3 KB)