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Rugged, Expandable, Passive Heat Management

The advent of the fanless industrial computer ignited a revolution that persists to this day. Previously, the heat management of a computer's CPU and other components relied solely on fans. This introduced dust, dirt, and debris while constraining the environments in which PCs could operate, ultimately limiting their lifespan.

The fanless PC has transcended its initial role in factory settings thanks to its enhanced reliability, versatility, and design adaptability. This innovation has opened a world of possibilities, extending its reach to various applications and environments. Engineers, designers, and users are no longer bound by the limitations of traditional computing solutions. They now have the freedom to deploy computational power wherever they desire.

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Fanless Heat Management

In fanless configurations, heat dissipation relies on direct contact between the CPU and a metal plate facilitated by a conductive paste layer. This plate acts as a conduit for passive heat transfer from components such as memory modules. Through convection, fins on the plate efficiently disperse warm air away from the system, ensuring optimal thermal performance without needing a fan.

Superior Design Solution

The fanless design is a natural choice for rugged applications due to its absence of moving parts. This design ensures superior equipment performance and longevity by eliminating the necessity for circulating dusty, dirty, or damp air over electrical components. Moreover, eliminating bulky fans results in a significantly higher compute power density per cubic inch than traditional industrial equipment.

Variety of Configurations

It might seem contradictory, but a fanless computer can incorporate a fan. A GPU computer is a good example. A fan using external air cools the GPU and related components, and the compute elements are housed in a separate fanless compartment. This innovative setup allows for adding various components in separate sections (cassettes), making the fanless platform both functional and highly flexible.

Fanless Computers

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