Will Your UPS System Be Ready When The Power Fails?

Congratulations……you finally installed that UPS for your Commercial, Industrial or Embedded System. Unlike an office or home UPS your system is likely subjected to constant hot or cold temperatures. Do you know these conditions can reduce the system battery lifespan and charge capacity? The average UPS battery has a life span of 3 to 5 years. If your UPS experiences extreme temperature conditions you can count on that being reduced significantly. If you have not checked your UPS batteries recently you need to now.

So, I bet you are thinking, “OK I checked the indicator light for the battery and it seems fine.” If you think waiting for a battery indicator light to come on will resolve this issue think again. The best time to replace a working battery in an UPS is prior to the end of the warranty period. You made it this long so why push your luck? The warranty period is determined based on the life cycle and probable failure time for the UPS battery. Manufacturers would much prefer to sell you a complete new system if they can.

Minimize your risk and protect your capital investment. Replace your UPS Batteries before they begin to leak and swell. This could result in damage to the UPS and require replacement of the entire system. Also, be sure to recycle your old UPS batteries. Improper disposal could result in substantial fines and environmental damage.

If you would like more information on protecting your UPS and replacing tired batteries please let me know. We can help you save thousands of dollars by replacing batteries and maintaining existing equipment vs field failures and replacement systems.

Timothy Kenny
Regional Sales Manager at Coast Automation, Inc.