CoastIPC Partners with Intel to Elevate Industrial Automation Capabilities

[Hingham, MA, June 4, 2024] — CoastIPC, a leading provider of industrial hardware solutions, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Intel Corporation, a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing. This collaboration marks CoastIPC's entry into the Intel Partner Alliance, a prestigious network that will significantly enhance its manufacturing capabilities in the field of industrial automation.

Joining Forces for Innovation and Excellence

By partnering with Intel, CoastIPC gains access to an extensive suite of resources, cutting-edge technologies, and industry expertise. This alliance will enable CoastIPC to leverage Intel’s state-of-the-art processors and innovative solutions to develop high-performance, reliable, and scalable industrial automation systems.

Key Benefits of the Intel Partner Alliance

Advanced Technology Integration

Membership in the Intel Partner Alliance grants CoastIPC early access to Intel’s latest technologies and product roadmaps. This allows for the integration of the most advanced and efficient processors into their hardware, ensuring superior performance and future-proof solutions.

Enhanced R&D Capabilities

With Intel’s comprehensive support, including technical training and collaborative engineering resources, CoastIPC can accelerate its research and development efforts. This will lead to the creation of innovative products that meet the evolving needs of the industrial automation sector.

Market Differentiation

Partnering with Intel enhances CoastIPC's credibility and market position. The alliance offers marketing and sales support, helping to amplify brand visibility and reach a broader audience within the industrial automation industry.

Robust Security Features

Intel’s cutting-edge security technologies will be integrated into CoastIPC's products, providing enhanced protection against cyber threats. This ensures that customers can rely on secure and resilient industrial automation solutions.

Optimized Performance and Efficiency

By utilizing Intel’s high-performance computing solutions, CoastIPC can offer products that deliver optimized performance and energy efficiency, crucial for industrial automation applications.

Enhancing Industrial Automation

The collaboration with Intel will empower CoastIPC to drive innovation in the industrial automation landscape. By combining Intel’s advanced computing technologies with CoastIPC's expertise in hardware manufacturing, the partnership aims to deliver solutions that improve operational efficiency, productivity, and reliability for industries worldwide.

About CoastIPC

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About Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation is a global leader in semiconductor innovation, creating world-changing technology that enables global progress and enriches lives. Intel’s products power the world's data centers, connect billions of devices, and drive advancements in artificial intelligence and autonomous driving.


"We are thrilled to join the Intel Partner Alliance. Intel’s technology and support will help us deliver innovative industrial automation solutions and exceed customer expectations."

John DeWaal, President of CoastIPC