Hear the Latest About Edge AI and Machine Vision, June 17

Join us on Thursday, June 17, at the Vision Systems Design Tech Summit to see John DeWaal, President of CoastIPC, and Skye Gorter, President of machine vision systems integration company Skye Automation, discuss how industrial PCs continue to evolve to meet growing challenges in edge AI and machine vision applications.

Applications such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine vision, robotics, surveillance, and autonomous vehicles demand reliable PCs that can withstand harsh environments that ordinary PCs cannot. In this interview with Vision Systems Design’s Dennis Scimeca, DeWaal discusses the value that CoastIPC brings to the industrial automation marketplace, while Gorter talks about the difference that CoastIPC brings to his company’s systems, which are deployed in more than 20 countries around the globe.  

The event is completely free to attend and will also feature discussions from leading companies on deep learning, 3D imaging, nonvisible imaging, robotics, embedded vision, and more. The discussion Edge AI and Machine Vision: How Today’s PCs Evolve to Meet Growing Challenges & Closing Remarks takes place at 3:15 p.m. EDT.